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PCB Capabilities:

Below you will find a list of our capabilities and manufacturing guidelines.  However, we pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and press our limits, so please contact us to discuss your unique project.


Capabilities at a glance:

1-24 layers
Minimum line/space .004” (.003 in selective areas)
Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex, FR-4, and Hybrid PCBs
RF/Microwave specialists
Materials: FR-4, PTFE, Aluminum, Tetra-functional, Multifunctional, Polyimide, Teflon (RF), Duroid, Cynate Ester, Kapton, Ceramic and others
Sequential lamination
Buried/Blind Vias
HDI Via fill
External Heat Sinks
Edge Plating
Test to net list
Lead time 24 hours (up to 8 layers)
2-3 week standard lead time
We Stock:  FR-4, Rogers, Taconic and Arlon materials
Fusion bonding
Oversized Panels
Contract manufacturing services
Off shore procurement services


Basic minimums and tolerances:

Layer count1-24 layer
Standard Panel Size1” X 24”
Maximum Panel  Size48” X 60” (Larger upon special request)
Minimum Line Width/Space.004” (.003” in selective areas)
Layer to layer registration+/- .003”
Minimum Dielectric thickness.003”
Finished PCB Thickness tolerance+/-.002” to .005” (depending on overall thickness)
Hole location tolerance+/-.001”
Outer Dimension tolerance+/-.005”
Warpage (flatness of FR-4 board).1 to .4%
Minimum space to Edge connector.005”


Pad to Hole:

Minimum Plated Hole size.008” (Finished)
Plated hole tolerance+/-.002” to .001”
Nominal Finished Hole size.008”
Min. Outer and Inner layer NPTH to Trace spacing.005”



Minimum Drill Size.008”
Maximum Drill Hole size.257” (Larger holes are routed)
Minimum aspect ratio15


Testing Capabilities:

Minimum component pitch.007
Volts250 V
Current%0 mA
Resistance-Low.100 ohm
Resistance-High10 ohm


MANIA Speedy Test System MPP4504, Flying Probe Test Systems.

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