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Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

In addition to manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards, TTI also makes Flex and rigid-flex circuits. Some of the benefits of using flex circuits are:

 Flexible circuits are a good solution for unique package and design requirements, which solve many packaging and reliability issues.

Using flex circuits can also makes the final package look organized and cleaner.

Flex circuits simplify package designs by reducing overall required space, weight and/or thickness.

 Flex materials handle greater heat cycles and are better at dissipating the heat faster than the materials used in rigid circuits boards.

Eliminates the requirement for multiple circuit boards, wires and connectors.

Reduces assembly time, test and cost. Final assembly can be tested in panel form as a single unit.

Properly designed, flex circuits can be flexed as few as one time for installation or hundreds of thousands of times, if the application requires repetitive bending.

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