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RF and Microwave PCBs:

Transline is a leader and specialist in the manufacture of RF and Microwave boards.  In fact, we are an award-winning supplier for the Skunks Work division of Lockheed Martin, who continually pushes the envelope on current RF and Microwave PCB technology.

When making RF and Microwave boards there are many critical manufacturing concerns that can positively or negatively affect the performance of these types of boards. We have implemented a staff along with the necessary know-how and equipment to ensure that your boards will perform up to the standards of your careful simulations.

We keep nearly every part number of Rogers material in stock to avoid lead time issues for our customers. We also carry a wide variety of Taconic and Arlon and are always experimenting with new high performance materials applicable to the RF and Microwave industry.

We are one of an elite few suppliers in the U.S. able to successfully fabricate fusion bonded boards.

Some of our RF and Microwave customers are:



NXP Semiconductors

Orphir RF




Lockheed Martin (Skunk Works div.)

Instruments for Industry

If needed, we have access to talented RF and MW PCB layout and assembly professionals to help you through every step of your product devopment.

We also contribute to the Microwave Journal Guest Blog Series in discussing issues that relate specifically to RF and Microwave PCBs and the industry,   as well as host a large group of engineers and industry professionals on Linked In.

We strive to get it right the first time, every time–always on time and within budget. Please contact us to discuss your upcoming RF/MW project.
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