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Fusion Bonding

Transline Technology is one of an elite few PCB manufacturers in the country to be capable of producing fusion bonded boards.

Fusion bonding is achieved by bonding two adjacent layers of Teflon or PTFE material directly together without the aid of any pre-preg or bond ply. By raising the lamination press to a peak temperature of approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit during a lengthy heating and cooling cycle, the material bonds directly, at a molecular level, encapsulating the internal traces and maximizing performance.

Fusion bonding is used in very high performance applications to eliminate unwanted losses. Please see the .pdf below which describes fusion bonding along with the various types of available lamination available today. There are also links to helpful articles from Rogers Corp and Taconic below.
Other Resources:

Rogers Corporation

Taconic: Multilayer Lamination Methods for PTFE-Based PCBs

Please click here to view a .pdf presentation of our fusion bonding services. Thank you.

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